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Super-Mid Jet


A super mid-size jet has a cabin height close to or just over six feet.  The cabin length ranges from 20-31 feet.  The have a well equipped galley and fully enclosed lavatory.  The super mid-size aircraft has a range of over six hours or between 3,200 and 3,500 miles.

Challenger 300
The Challenger 300 is mid-size jet capable of transcontinental distances.  It is capable to depart challenging runways and fly coast-to-coast non-stop.  The Challenger 300 has a expansive cabin which is comparable to larger, longer-range aircraft, which is why it is quickly becoming a recognized leader in its class.

Capacity:  8 passengers
Cruising Speed:  525 mph
Range:  3,322 miles
Baggage Capacity: 106 cu.ft.
Citation Soverign
The Cessna Citation Sovereign is a private aircraft in a class by itself.  The Citation Sovereign has state of the art technology that enables this super-mid size jet access to smaller airports.  It is ideal for short to long range trips, and has a full size stand-up cabin, and can hold up to nine passengers.

Capacity: 8-9 passengers
Cruising Speed: 513 mph
Range: 3,315 miles
Baggage Capacity: 100 cu.ft.
Citation X
The Cessna Citation X is a private jet that is certified to fly as high as 51,000 feet.  The Citation X has a unique interior that is individually specialized to the specifications for the owner.  It has a Rolls-Royce engine and remarkable aerodynamics.  In just four hours you can go from LA to New York, making it one of the fastest and most fuel efficient jets available for private charter.

Capacity: 8-9 passengers
Cruising Speed: 590 mph
Range: 3,231 miles
Baggage Capacity: 100 cu.ft.
Falcon 50/50EX
The Falcon 50/50EX is one of the most popular corporate jets for its long-range, luxury, and for the recognition for its three jet engine layout.  It is one of the world's best-selling, and most versatile corporate jets.

Capacity: 8-11 passengers
Cruising Speed: 500 mph
Range: 3,600 miles
Baggage Capacity: 115 cu.ft
Gulfstream 200
The Gulfstream 200 offers the range and comfort of a heavy jet.  The Gulfstream 200 is capable of flying 3,620 nautical miles at speeds up to .82 Mach.  It can also cruise at altitudes as high as 41,000 feet.
Capacity:  7-9 passengers
Cruising Speed:  540 mph
Range:  3,500 miles
Baggage Capacity:  150 cu.ft.
Hawker 1000
The Hawker 1000 is one of the most recent additions to British Aerospace's HS-125 private business jet series.  It has intercontinental range and is very roomy for a mid size jet.  The Hawker 1000 can easily handle non-stop coast-to-coast trips.

Capacity: 8-9 passengers
Cruising Speed:  490 mph
Range: 3,400 miles
Baggage Capacity:  65 cu.ft.
Hawker Horizon 4000
The Hawker Horizon 4000 is a business jet developed by the Raytheon Aircraft Company. It is the largest aircraft in the Hawker family and features fuselage and swept aluminum wing design. The Hawker Horizon 4000 can seat eight people very comfortably.  Interior standing room is an average of six feet. 

Capacity:  8 passengers
Cruising Speed: 540 mph
Range:  3,280 miles
Baggage Capacity:  93 cu.ft.
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