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ASJ Fare-Share™ Membership

The Interactive and Affordable Private Flight Connection

Our new Fare-Share™ program represents a paradigm shift in the air travel industry! Airstream Jets combines the advantages of private jet travel with unprecedented accessibility, consistency, and economy. When you’re a member of the Fare-Share™ program, you don’t incur the cost of chartering an entire jet. You can “share the fare” with other Fare-Share™ members!

Have you ever been at the airport waiting for a commercial flight to begin boarding and while looking through the terminal window….an exquisite private jet caught your eye? As you admired its sleek design and seamless construction, a limousine pulled to within a few feet of its door. After just a few minutes the baggage and passengers were aboard, the limo was gone and the aircraft had taken flight. As you boarded your commercial flight, you thought to yourself, “wouldn’t that be nice”.

Now you, too, can experience the realm of private jet charter with an ASJ Fare-Share™ Membership Program! Designed for both business and leisure travelers, this unique program puts the world of luxury travel at your fingertips and becoming a member is easy and inexpensive. Start enjoying all of the benefits private jet travel has to offer. Explore our Fare-Share™ Trip Board so you can network with current members who want to share the cost of your next trip. Fare- Share™ allows you to offset private travel expense without compromising the luxury to which you are accustomed!

All Airstream Jets charter programs utilize only Part 135 aircraft operators with an impeccable safety record who stringently uphold safety regulations required by the FAA and Airstream Jets. All operators utilized by Airstream Jets must maintain at least an ARG/US GOLD and/or Wyvern Safety Rating.
How it Works
Fare-Share™ members can search trips that other members have posted to the ASJ Trip Board. All posted trips are priced for one-way routing. If you require a round trip, just match up two one-way trips. Fare-Share membership provides the best round trip charter pricing in the industry! Posted trips state the price per seat and the aircraft class for your consideration.

If you locate an itinerary match, then you simply join the trip(s). If you don’t find an itinerary match, you can post your own trip, allowing other members to view and join your trip. The program is that simple! If you require a round trip and search the trip board but see a match for only one segment of your round trip, you can join the matching trip segment and simply post the unmatched segment as a new trip.

*When joining or posting a trip, Fare-Share™ members are welcome to include non-member passengers on their itinerary if the Fare-Share™ member is also on board the trip.

Joining a Flight

1. Browse our extensive Fare-Share™ Trip Board to find a trip(s) matching your desired itinerary.

2. Click the “Join” link next to the flight and complete the request form to reserve your seat.

3. After submitting the request form, an ASJ representative will contact you to confirm booking and arrange payment.

Posting Flights

1. If the current trips posted on the Trip Board do not match your itinerary, simply create your own trip and give other members the opportunity to share the trip with you.

2. After submitting a trip request, an ASJ representative will contact you with pricing details. Members have the right to approve or reject the seat pricing before it is posted to the Trip Board.

3. If you have a particular aircraft model in mind, it’s no problem; just state it on “trip details” and we will present a price per seat for that particular model. If you are not sure, ASJ is happy to help you choose an aircraft that is right for your trip.

4. Airstream Jets Distance Card™ holders, ASJ on-demand charter clients, charter operators, and brokers can all take advantage of the Fare-Share™ Membership program. If you have empty seating on any upcoming flight, simply submit your trip and let us know your price for those empty seats.

Trip Status

Confirmed Trips

Confirmed trips are guaranteed and will depart regardless of the number of seats sold. These seats can be purchased anytime prior to departure. Pending Trips

Pending Trips

Pending trips have a “minimum seating requirement” that must be fulfilled. Once the seating requirement is met, the trip status will automatically change from “pending” to “confirmed”. Seating requirements will vary depending on aircraft size and customer preference.

If the seating requirement has not been met 48 hours prior to proposed departure, the trip is canceled and members are not charged for their seat. However, prior to trip cancellation, members who have already joined this particular trip receive the option to split the cost of the unsold seat(s) amongst themselves.

For example, a particular trip seats a minimum of five and each seat is $1,000.00 but at the 48 hour deadline only four have joined the flight. ASJ will notify these 4 passengers that they can choose to cancel the flight or split the cost of the last seat. If they all choose to split the last seat, they will now be paying $1,250.00 each instead of $1,000.00. For this to happen, all members must be in agreement.

When members choose to divide the costs of unfilled seat(s) amongst themselves, these seats can be still be sold anytime prior to departure because the flight is now a “Confirmed Trip”.

When a member joins a posted trip an email is automatically sent to the member who posted the trip. This keeps members apprised in real time regarding the status of their trip.

Who Can Share the fare?
The ASJ Fare-Share™ membership program may not be for everyone, but it could be. Jet Card holders, on-demand charter customers, operators and even aircraft owners can participate and start saving time and money.

Jet Card Holders

• ASJ Distance Card™ holders can earn credit back on their card by posting their trip and selling the empty seats on their flights.

On-Demand Charter Clients

• Any ASJ charter client can post their trip and sell empty seats on their chartered aircraft if they want to offset the cost of their next flight.

Aircraft Owners

• Owners can participate in the program if their aircraft is operated under FAA Part 135 regulations. If you’re an owner and don’t require the whole aircraft for your next flight, you can potentially offset much of your trip cost by posting the trip and selling your empty seats on the ASJ Trip Board at a price chosen by you.

Aircraft Operators

• Not looking like you’ll be able to sell that empty leg? Become an ASJ approved travel partner and post the trip to the Fare-Share™ Trip Board.

Fare-Share™ Benefits, Pricing & Specials
At Airstream Jets we strive to provide our customers with solutions to meet their individual needs. Claim all the benefits of luxury travel at a significantly discounted price with the Fare-Share™ membership program.

• Jet charter made affordable

• Great networking opportunities for business professionals and community members

• No more crowded airports, long lines, delays, security checkpoints, lost luggage and layovers

• Travel at your time and your schedule

Membership Pricing

Fare-Share™ Membership Dues:

- 1 Year: $279.00

*Membership is free for ASJ Distance Card™ holders and ASJ On-Demand charter clients.


• Buy 10 Fare-Share™ seats and get 11th FREE!

• Refer a friend and receive $150.00 towards your next Fare-Share™ trip.
All flights are operated by Part 135 Carriers. Carriers are fully certified by the Federal Aviation Administration and the U.S. Department of Transportation. In addition to FAA regulations, carriers are required to meet additional standards for safety, service, and reliability established by Airstream Jets. Airstream Jets does not own, manage or operate aircraft. © Copyright 2008. Airstream Jets. All Rights Reserved.