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About the Bombardier Learjet 60 

Lear 60 Model Description

The Bombardier Learjet 60 is another impressive aircraft of the Lear fleet. The Lear 60 can fly nonstop coast to coast while passengers enjoy a smooth stress free flight in comfort. Thanks to its comfort, range, and speed, the Learjet 60 has become one of the most popular mid-size charter jets in the world.

Performance Specifications (LR-60)

Cruise Speed:  446 knots

Range:  2,265 miles

Cabin Specifications (LR-60)

Passengers:  7 to 8

Cabin Volume:  453 cubic ft.

Cabin Height:  5.7 ft.

Cabin Width:  5.9 ft.

Cabin Length:  17.7 ft.

Luggage:  48 cubic ft.


Lear 60XR