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Heavy Jet


Heavy jets are the largest jets.  Cabin width varies but they generally have a cabin height of over six feet, a cabin width of six to eight feet, and a cabin length from 28 to 50 feet.  Heavy jets have a range of 6 to 14 hours and have full amenities, such as a full lavatory, galley, and a flight attendant.

Boeing BBJ
The Boeing Business Jet is one of the most successful and reliable aircraft in the world.  If you are looking to fly a short or long distance the Boeing Business Jet can do the job.  The Boeing Business Jet can fly non-stop from Los Angeles to Paris and has interior space nearly three times larger than other comparable jets.

Capacity:  20-23 passengers
Cruising Speed:  528 mph
Range:  6,800 miles
Baggage Capacity:  640 cu.ft

Challenger 601
The Challenger 601 is similar in style and comfort to the Challenger 600.  The Challenger flies you above the weather and sets standards for comfort, productivity, and versatility.  The Challenger 601 features a very spacious cabin which is great for longer trips. 

Capacity:  9-11 passengers
Cruising Speed:  528 mph
Range:  3,900 miles
Baggage Capacity:  115 cu.ft.
Challenger 604
The Challenger 604 set new standards in aviation comfort.  The Challenger 604 features a wide cabin delivering comfort during the longest trips.  The Challenger 604 is crafted to offer you the highest level of luxury, versatility, and comfort.

Capacity:  9-10 passengers
Cruising Speed:  528 mph
Range:  4,692 miles
Baggage Capacity:  115 cu.ft

Challenger 605
The Challenger 605 has revolutionized corporate jets.  The design of the Challenger 605 provides corporate and government leaders with the widest, and quietest cabins allows you to relax and focus.  The refinements and benefits of the Challenger series maintains its outstanding legacy of reliability and dependability.

Capacity:  9-12 passengers
Cruising Speed:  528 mph
Range:  4,830 miles
Baggage Capacity: 115 cu.ft.
Challenger 850
The Challenger 850 is one of the largest aircraft offered by Bombardier Aerospace.  The Challenger combines the largest cabin in its class and outstanding reliability and performance.  The Challenger 850 has a transcontinental range and flies at high speeds. 

Capacity:  15 passengers
Cruising Speed:  529 mph
Range:  3,680 miles
Baggage Capacity:  250 cu.ft.
Embraer Legacy
The Embraer Legacy is a super mid corporate jet and is a derivative of the Embraer ERJ 145 commercial airliner.  Passengers can have Airshow systems, DVD, real-time communication, telephone and fax in the cabin. 

Capacity: 15 passengers
Cruising Speed:  501 mph
Range:  2,300 miles
Baggage Capacity:  240 cu.ft.
Falcon 2000/2000EX
The Falcon 2000/2000EX is a heavy jet that has the ability to land on short runways allowing you to fly into larger and smaller airports. 

Capacity:  10-18 passengers
Cruising Speed:  445 mph
Range: 4,370 miles
Baggage Capacity:  226 cu.ft
Falcon 7X
The Falcon 900/900EX will fly you faster, higher and farther then any other Falcon.  It is a superior aircraft with unbeatable versatility and reliability.  It flies at high speeds and has a non-stop range of 6,840 nautical miles.

Capacity:  13 passengers
Cruising Speed:  528 mph
Range: 6,840 miles
Baggage Capacity: 140 cu.ft.
Falcon 900/900EX
The Falcon 900/900EX is one of the most technologically advanced large corporate jets.  It has transcontinental capabilities and unprecedented flexibility.  The design of the
Falcon 900/900EX incorporates the latest improvements in aerodynamics.

Capacity:  12-15  passengers
Cruising Speed: 536 mph
Range: 4,259 miles
Baggage Capacity: 127 cu.ft.
Global 5000
The Global 5000 is a super large business jet that has the range of 4,800 nautical miles.  The Global 5000 is capable of traveling directly from continental Europe to Central USA.  The cabin is customized to meet the operators requirements.  The Global 5000 has a comfortable working environment and a fully equipped office.  It is a reliable aircraft with superior performance.

Capacity:  19 passengers                    
Cruising Speed: 580 mph                                   
Range:  5,750 miles
Baggage Capacity:  190 cu.ft.
Global Express XRS
The Global Express XRS is corporate jet and is the most luxurious and most accomplished aircraft.  This aircraft offers even greater comfort, enhanced performance, and advance technology.  The Global XRS has customized interior layouts that can include an office or conference style areas.

Capacity:  8-15 passengers
Cruising Speed:  561 mph
Range:  6,150 miles
Baggage Capacity:  200 cu.ft.
Gulfstream 350
The Gulfstream 350 is a business jet that can accomodate twelve to sixteen passengers.  It has a large comfortable cabin and can travel at a maximum  range of 3,800 nautical miles. 

Capacity: 12-16 passengers
Cruising Speed:  575 mph
Range: 4,600 miles
Baggage Capacity: 169 cu.ft.
Gulfstream 400
The Gulfstream 400 holds up to 14 passengers. It is very spacious and has a comfortable cabin with all the luxury amenities such as a full galley with china service, state of the art entertainment system, enclosed lavatory, and comfortable leather seats.

Capacity:  13-14 passengers
Cruising Speed:  528 mph
Range:  4,989 miles
Baggage Capacity:  169 cu.ft
Gulfstream 450
The Gulfstream 450 is one of the most preferred business jets in the world. It comfortably seats up to 14 passengers in luxurious accommodations. The long cabin, with plenty of stand-up head room, allows you move about with ease, stretch out and relax or work in comfort with increased productivity.
Capacity: 12-14 passengers 
Cruising Speed: 550 mph
Range: 4,450 miles
Baggage Capacity: 169 cu.ft.
Gulfstream 550
The Gulfstream 550 is luxury travel at it's finest.  It features a range of 7,500 miles and cruises at nearly 600 mph.  This aircraft will welcome passengers to an interior with amenities that are unequaled. The cabin may also be configured to accommodate up to 19 passengers plus two or three crew and a flight attendant.  Some examples of non-stop flights include New York to Cape Town, Chicago to Rome, Los Angeles to Sidney.

Capacity:  12-16 passengers
Cruising Speed:  575 mph
Range:  7,770 miles
Baggage:  226 cu.ft.

Gulfstream G650
Gulfstream G650
Gulfstream II/IIB/IISP
The Gulfstream II was the first transcontinental corporate jet.  The Gulfstream II was created to provide private aviation with the same comforts, speed and performance as a commercial airliner.  The Gulfstream II private jet set the standard in cabin luxury and convience.

Capacity:  12-15 passengers
Cruising Speed: 550 mph
Range: 3,100 miles
Baggage Capacity:  157 cu.ft.
Gulfstream III
The Gulfstream III is a world class business aircraft. The Gulfstream III is the updated model of the Gulfstream II.   The Gulfstream III has a range of 4,100 nautical miles and has a cruising speed of 550 mph.  The solid design of the aircraft and its performance qualities are ideal for any passenger looking for a luxury flying experience.

Capacity:  12-15 passengers
Cruising Speed: 550 mph
Range:  4,000 miles
Baggage Capacity:  157 cu.ft.
Gulfstream IV/IVSP
The Gulfstream IV offers a variety of advanced avionics options such as, Global Positioning System, a Head-Up Display System to allow landing in near zero visiblity condistions, and TCAS (Traffice Collision Avoidance System). It's the perfect airplane for coast-to-coast or trans-atlantic trips. The GIV features a large cabin ideal for setting up a mobile office.  In addition to the convenience of a personal flight attendant, you also will have access to an on-board Flight Phone, Sat Phone, DVD, Internet and teleconferencing capabilities. 

Capacity:  12-15 passengers
Cruising Speed:  548 mph
Range:  4,466 miles
Baggage Capacity:  169 cu.ft.
Gulfstream V
The Gulfstream G-V is a high-performance long range luxury jet.  With astonishing range of over 7,000 miles, the Gulfstream V can take you anywhere in the work in record time.

Capacity: 12-15 passengers
Cruising Speed: 560 mph
Range: 7,165 miles
Baggage Capacity: 226 cu.ft.
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