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About the Beechcraft Hawker 800 

Hawker 800 Model Description

Essentially an extension of the earlier Hawker 700 series, the Hawker 800 incorporates substantial performance and avionics upgrades. It is undoubtedly the most popular mid-sized jet in the on-demand charter market.

The Hawker 800 series is often referred to as the “Cadillac of corporate jets”.  The nickname is likely a result of the Hawker 800’s fantastic reputation for safety, reliability, range, and of course its spacious cabin, which is largest in its class.

Performance Specifications (HS-125-800)

Cruise Speed:  449 knots

Range:  2,840 miles

Cabin Specifications (HS-125-800)

Passengers:  8 to 9

Cabin Volume:  604 cubic ft.

Cabin Height:  5.9 ft.

Cabin Width:  6 ft.

Cabin Length:  21.4 ft.

Luggage:  40 cubic ft.


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