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About the Gulfstream G200 

G200 Model Description

The Gulfstream G200 is a super-mid jet originally developed by Israel Aircraft Industries and named the Israel IAI-1126 Galaxy. When Gulfstream purchased Galaxy Aerospace in 2001 the model was rebranded as the G200.

The Gulfstream 200 seats up to ten passengers and is capable of flying nearly 4,000 miles without stopping. It can also cruise at a speed of 470 knots at altitudes as high as 41,000 feet. One of the signature features of the G200 is its cabin height of 6.3ft, which is actually greater than that of the G450 (6.1ft).

Cabin amenities include DVD players, CD player, Airshow 400, XM satellite radio, and WiFi Internet.

Performance Specifications (IAI-1126)

Cruise Speed:  470 knots

Range:  3,810 miles

Cabin Specifications (IAI-1126)

Passengers:  8 to 10

Cabin Volume:  868 cubic ft.

Cabin Height:  6.3 ft.

Cabin Width:  7.2 ft.

Cabin Length:  24.4 ft.

Luggage:  150 cubic ft.