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About the Gulfstream G150 

G150 Model Description

The Gulfstream G150 is a mid-sized business jet powered by two fuel-efficient Honeywell TFE731 turbofan engines. The G150 cruises at a speedy 459 knots and seats up to eight passengers in a cabin featuring nearly 6 feet of headroom. However, the G150’s most impressive attribute, and what makes it such a popular charter aircraft, is its best-in-class range of nearly 3,500 miles.

The Gulfstream G150 received certification in 2005 from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Civil Aviation Administration of Israel (CAAI).

Performance Specifications (G150)

Cruise Speed:  459 knots

Range:  3,450 miles

Cabin Specifications (G150)

Passengers:  7 to 8

Cabin Volume:  465 cubic ft.

Cabin Height:  5.9 ft.

Cabin Width:  5.9 ft.

Cabin Length:  17.8 ft.

Luggage:  80 cubic ft.