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About the Bombardier Global 6000

Global 6000 Model Description

The Global 6000 is a high-performance ultra-long-range luxury business jet. It can reach any point on the globe with just one refueling stop. Overall, the Global 6000 was purpose-built to fulfill the private jet charter demands of the most powerful individuals and organizations on the planet.

Bombardier’s Global Express series of long-range business jets are very fast and have superb short-runway capabilities. The Global’s large cabin provides a comfortable long range flight experience at an incredible cruising speed of 511 knots. Standard cabin amenities include Wi-Fi Internet, Satellite TV, multiple cabin monitors, Airshow, CD/DVD Entertainment System, high-speed data ports, and fax capabilities.

Performance Specifications (BD-700-1A10)

Cruise Speed:  511 knots

Range:  7,075 miles

Cabin Specifications (BD-700-1A10)

Passengers:  12 to 16

Cabin Volume:  2,140 cubic ft.

Cabin Height:  6.3 ft.

Cabin Width:  8.2 ft.

Cabin Length:  48.4 ft.

Luggage:  195 cubic ft.


Global Express, Global Express XRS