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About the Cessna Citation M2 

M2 Model Description

Cessna’s new Citation M2 is a top performer in the small jet category and is becoming a very popular charter jet in the US and Europe.

The M2 has the range to handle nonstop legs throughout Europe, such as Madrid to Athens, Zurich to Moscow and London to Nice, and therefore is an ideal charter aircraft in the region.

Performance Specifications (CE-525-M2)

Cruise Speed:  398 knots

Range:  1,495 miles

Cabin Specifications (CE-525-M2)

Passengers:  5 to 6

Cabin Volume:  210 cubic ft.

Cabin Height:  4.8 ft.

Cabin Width:  4.8 ft.

Cabin Length:  15.8 ft.

Luggage:  46 cubic ft.