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About the Cessna CJ1 

CJ1 Model Description

The Cessna CJ1 was developed as an improved version of the original CE-525 model Citation Jet. The Citation CJ1 has improved avionics and an increase in maximum takeoff weight.

The CJ1 seats up to six passengers and is a cost-effective jet charter option for trips under 1,000 miles.

Performance Specifications (CE-525)

Cruise Speed:  389 knots

Range:  1,430 miles

Cabin Specifications (CE-525)

Passengers:  5 to 6

Cabin Volume:  198 cubic ft.

Cabin Height:  4.8 ft.

Cabin Width:  4.8 ft.

Cabin Length:  11 ft.

Luggage:  45 cubic ft.


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