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Charter F.A.Q.

How much does it cost to charter private aircraft?
The cost of chartering private aircraft varies depending on aircraft and travel itinerary. Typically, Light Jets start at about $1,500/hr and Turboprops start at about $1,200/hr.
How far in advance are reservations required?
Lead times vary depending on itinerary and availability. On domestic trips reservations can usually be made with as little notice as a few hours.
How do I book a charter trip?
To book a charter, contact us at +1.561.826.7056 and a Charter Coordinator work with you to determine the best aircraft for your specific trip’s needs. You can also Email us at charter@airstreamjets.com .
Does Airstream Jets offer a Jet Card or discount program?
Yes. Airstream Jets’ new DISTANCE CARD™ features the clarity, flexibility and unmatched simplicity of mileage based pricing. The DISTANCE CARD™ is a new & innovative Jet Card designed to combine the convenience of Jet Cards and Fractional Ownership programs with the affordability and flexibility found only with On-Demand Charter services.
How do I pay for a charter trip?
We accept payment via credit card, bank wire or check.
Does Airstream Jets offer Empty Legs?
Yes, Airstream Jets offers numerous opportunities whereby certain one-way flights can be purchased for below wholesale charter prices. Our current inventory of one-way flight specials and pricing can be found on our Empty Leg Specials page.

Please bookmark the page because we update our empty leg listings regularly. The advertised price is for the whole aircraft charter, regardless if you fill just one seat or all of the seats on the aircraft.  Airstream Jets does not sell individual seats on charter aircraft.

Can pets fly on these airplanes?
Yes, we are a pet friendly service. Most of the aircraft we utilize allow pets to fly, but please be sure to let us know in advance if you will be traveling with pets so we can confirm the aircraft is pet-friendly.
What does an Airstream Jets charter quote include?
Airstream Jets’ on-demand charter quotes are ALWAYS all-inclusive. No hidden fees, and no post-trip billing… just “pay-as-you-go” sensibility.
What if my requirements or itinerary change?
Airstream Jets realizes that our customers’ needs change. When they do, we will accommodate those changes. We strive to offer ultimate travel flexibility.

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