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About the Bombardier Challenger 605 

Challenger 605 Model Description

An upgraded version of the 600/601/604 design, the Challenger 605 is one of Bombardier’s most capable charter aircraft.  The spacious cabin offers passengers a more comfortable flight with a generous stand-up height of over six feet, along with over eight feet in width, allowing for double or forward divan seating arrangements.  Additionally, a deluxe galley, lavatory, and significantly reduced noise levels are among the jet’s popular amenities.

For mid to long-range air charter requirements the Challenger 605 offers outstanding value, safety, and comfort.

Performance Specifications (CL-600-2B16)

Cruise Speed: 470 knots

Range: 4,640 miles

Cabin Specifications (CL-600-2B16)

Passengers: 9 to 12

Cabin Volume: 1,150 cubic ft.

Cabin Height: 6.1 ft.

Cabin Width: 8.2 ft.

Cabin Length: 28.3 ft.

Luggage: 115 cubic ft.


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