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About the Bombardier Challenger 350 

Challenger 350 Model Description

The Bombardier Challenger 350 is a super-mid jet with transcontinental range.  The Challenger 300/350’s impressive short-runway performance is ideal for accessing airports such as Terrance B Lettsome International Airport in the British Virgin Islands.

The Bombardier Challenger 350 cabin features various amenities including WiFi Internet and state-of-the-art display technologies.  It is equipped with the LHT nice® HD Cabin Management System customized for Bombardier for communications and entertainment in a single control at every seat.  The two 22″ HD monitors are the largest in the super-midsize class.  Additional amenities include Iridium satellite phones, 3D moving maps system, USB ports, and Blu-ray player.

Bombardier’s Challenger 300 and 350 models have quickly become a favorite among private jet charter customers, and a recognized leader in the super-mid private jet class.

Performance Specifications (BD-100-1A10)

Cruise Speed:  470 knots

Range:  3,765 miles

Cabin Specifications (BD-100-1A10)

Passengers:  9 to 10

Cabin Volume:  860 cubic ft.

Cabin Height:  6.1 ft.

Cabin Width:  7.2 ft.

Cabin Length:  28.6 ft.

Luggage:  106 cubic ft.


Challenger 300