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Safety matters

Safety Matters…


Dual-Layer Approach

At Airstream Jets, we utilize a dual-layer approach to safety auditing because your safety is a non-negotiable tenet of our business.  Our dual-layer approach incorporates top-level industry accepted practices with real world intelligence and logic that can only be achieved through decades of aviation experience.

First, we utilize third party auditors such as Wyvern Aviation Consulting Group and ARG/US International to ensure all operations are conducted with the necessary certifications, ratings, qualifications and meet or exceed the standards and regulatory requirements set forth by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) or by the Aviation Authority within the region they are located if outside the USA.

Second, our in-house safety auditing is handled by experienced personnel, all of whom have a background in aircraft operations. The operational experience of our charter team allows us to identify and eliminate potential risks on a trip by trip basis. We focus heavily on crew experience and operational history because we know that human error is by far the principal threat to flight safety.


Trusted Travel

Business aviation is full of new and ever changing sets of variables that need to be analyzed individually and objectively by experienced personnel on a regular basis in order to effectively assess risk. In other words, no two trips are ever the same. So with that in mind, we understand it is unwise to rely solely on data provided through a safety management system that treats all itineraries the same.

Trusted travel relationships are the mainstay of Airstream Jets. Our dual-layer approach ensures operations are conducted by only the most outstanding private aircraft and seasoned pilots, all of which have been evaluated and approved for Part 135 operations by the FAA and DOT.


Zero Incidents

Since our founding in 2008, Airstream Jets is proud to have sourced aircraft for thousands of charter flights worldwide without a single incident of any kind. This zero incident history supports the effectiveness of our dual-layer approach.

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